Friday, November 24, 2006

Friday Flashback: October 2003

October 2003, I was living with two housemates at school. These photos are from when in October that year, Jodi started playing Sims on her computer. The photo above is one of my very favourite photos of all time, taken at the start of our obsession. Jodi had gotten up Saturday morning, and actually wasn't cleaning as usual. And there Rachel is on the couch, with her breakfast, so excitedly watching Jodi and learning the ways of playing Sims.

It didn't take long until all of us were playing Sims. We couldn't go to bed without changing a few things around in our houses, and we talked constantly about the goings on in our families.

Rachel tending to her "Dorm Family." I had a family that I named completely after flowers, and I remember being heartbroken at the glitch in the game when Gardenia Lily Mae wouldn't and couldn't wake up and DIED. Died! Because she couldn't wake up to eat! Oh the tragedy!

I dont' know what I was thinking with that hairdo. But man, I miss that blanket. I think maybe I still have it at my parents' house in Alberta. It was $1.49 at Value Village in Regina.

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rachel said...

funny thing - I was thinking about the sims this morning while I was feeding nevin - the babies on that game sure weren't any fun.

Man, I don't think I'm ever going to have as much fun gaming as I did that semester following the romances and breakups, births and deaths of our sims neighborhood. it's just not the same playing alone.