Thursday, September 14, 2006

Winter Blossoms

I finally started to pack the other day... seeing how I am planning on moving the 30th... hopefully I can find a couple of people to help load furniture, etc. that day. When I came here two years ago I had bedding and a suitcase. I've gained a few of the essentials since then, but in the past couple of weeks I've also boughten a microwave and a telephone. A cordless telephone. One with an answering machine on the stand. And it even has an 11-number directory. 11 seems like an odd number to me.

Other nights when I should have been packing I made some more jewelry instead, it's up at my Etsy shop. My sewing is on hold for the moment as I pack up my life and move 2 hours south... not sure when I'll get back to it or if the shop will be able to continue (lack of computer, lack of internet access, etc.)... so we'll see how things go.

More some other time, at the moment I should get back to work. Blah.


Drina said...

The earings are really pretty, but for some reason that photograph really strikes me... it's just beautiful! I'm weird, I know.

Michelle said...

Thanks Drina! :)