Friday, September 15, 2006

Squirrel Messenger, and Photoshopping

I had had a few requests for more "messenger bag size" bags, so here one is, finally. If you clicky click here you can purchase your very own.

Someone had asked a while ago how I make the photos with that kind of edge... and I can't remember if I ever replied (sorry!). But now, for everyone's benefit, here is how it is done. :)

I scanned an old black and white photo on an ecru background, and then deleted the actual photo from the middle. I saved it and I call this creation "Blank Base". Then I just take a new photo and resize it, or make new photo collage and ta dah.... turn it into something like this or this or this or this.


Robert said...

And that is why we loved having you on the yearbook, because you were creative with stuff like that and were able to think of cool things to do with pictures.

Lindsey said...

I think I like your purses. I might just buy one sometime.