Friday, September 01, 2006

Flashback Friday: March 1982

The back of this photo has my Mom's writing on it and says:
Michelle March/82 - almost 4
playing detective in one of her many "dress-ups". Note the feet!

What you probably should actually notice are:
a) Very large cowboy on the television. What were we watching?
b) Gold carpet. I remember it being green though.
c) Furry brown blanket on the floor that all the siblings always rolled around on as babies.
d) My younger sister rolling around on said furry blanket.
e) My younger sister covered up by her blanket. Where's her head?
f) General hodgepodge of blankets on couch (the granny square one in yellow was one of my sister's "baby blankies", I had an identical one in green).
g) Sticker on my face. Maybe it was supposed to be a tatoo?
h) Pablum baby formula scoop in my mouth, which was of course the pipe that all good detectives need.
i) My tractor. I wish I still had it.
j) Touque. Essential for any good dress-up.
k) My crocheted faux ballerina slippers, in moss green, with yellow duck buttons. Technically you can barely see them because they're in the wooden shoes (logically), but they're there. Two Christmases ago I asked my Mom if she could please crochet me some new ones (in moss green, with duck buttons of course) but I have yet to see them.
l) Wooden shoes, from my great aunt, who went to Holland some time around then and brought them back for my older sister. I remember at some point in later years I found an old squishy tomato in one of them and I don't think I wore them too much after that.


megan said...

May I be so bold as to suggest that the (g) sticker on the face was acting as a Sherlockian sideburn???

Amy P said...

I do love the 70's and 80's "our TV is it's own entertainment center, therefore it goes on the floor". We had one that my dad managed to get on a table for a more level viewing.