Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Horray (Someday)

Somewhere random this morning I read about a "Blogger Beta" so I did some searching around Blogger and came up with this What's New in Blogger? article.

I can't yet transfer Mikao's World over to this new Blogger Beta as I don't yet have the option, but I'm looking forward to:

a) Being able to use labels, or categories. I've been waiting for this forever. (But of course somehow I'll have to change my layout to list labels under posts and on the sidebar I am sure. That could be a headache with the template).

b) More site feed options. i.e. Comment feeds. Currently I get all of my comments emailed to me, but it would be nicer I think to just be able to read them in Bloglines with my other subscriptions.

c) The Blogger Wishlist hints at maybe the possibility of being able to upload files other than just images. That would be awesome. PDFs? Please?

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