Tuesday, August 29, 2006


I spent the weekend working on the dress I feel like I've been making forever, but in reality I only cut out and stitched this weekend. I was making a "sample dress" first, and tweaked that a bajillion times and redrafted the pattern a few times, and then finally decided just to make a few more adjustments to the pattern and cut the real fabric as time was running out (planning to wear it to a wedding this Saturday and all)...

So things have gone fairly well, I still have a couple more tweaks on the back to do to get it to lie flat, and the hem to sew. Almost done. Almost.

I also made a couple of sets of earrings this weekend. I haven't really changed my earrings in oh, about 8 years. But the new bead store really gives me too many options of creative things to do.

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