Friday, July 14, 2006

The Random Interview Project Part 3: Marisa

Here it is, the official first post of The Random Interview Project Part 3. This interview comes to us from Marisa, who does not have a blog any longer but has participated in both the first and second installments of this project. She's been a long-time reader of Mikao's World.

1. Weather-wise, what date of the year would you consider to be most often the most perfect temperature?
It's most often in the spring that the air feels crisp and soft,barely there. I would say April 9th, definitely.

2. Please share one of your favourite high school memories.
I was homeschooled, so forwent many of the common schoolish landmarks. Not having to do any math my senior year was very special. :) For one of our family vacations, we travelled to Fort Sumter in South Carolina, so I did a lot of reading beforehand to become acquainted with the history of our country's most destructive war. It was incredible to ride the ferry down river and suddenly see the island and fort rise from the horizon out to sea.

3. What about you do you think intrigues people the most once they have gotten the chance to get to know you a bit?
Interesting question! I hope it's my sense of the absurd. I like odd things, like striped socks, sock monkeys, and the Monkees. It's the unexpected amongst common things that people remember, so my eccentricities are probably a ploy for attention.

4. If you could relive any short term experience of your life (i.e. a retreat, a conference, a weekend activity, etc.), which one would you choose to relive and why?
I think I wrote in my last interview about a perfect day. It would probably be that time because of the overwhelming sense of well-being and rightness that enveloped most of that experience. I was observing a very important spiritual holiday in a beautiful and natural setting of stone and woods amongst the very best of friends. So, that day, or perhaps a week earlier this year that mimicked it to some extent, fond memories. I think acceptance from people that you admire makes the difference, the glory of the hour.

5. What is an experience that had a great impact on who you are as a person today?

A few years ago, I lost a very close friend though a hard betrayal. This person shared a long history with our family, and past issues got in the way of this relationship. It was this loss that really showed me that maturity means acceptance of the unavoidable difficulties of life.

6. What are your favourite flowers?
Carnations, I think, because they last a long time, and their petals sparkle if you look close. I like daisies and lilies too.

7. What is one of your favourite purchases of the past year?

My Rickenbacker guitar, it's sweet!

8. Describe a woman of influence in your life.
My friend Mary is a very close influence in my past. We've known each other my whole life and I value her ideas and thoughts. She's the kind of person to whom I could tell anything, or talk over anything with, knowing she'll listen uncritically and responsively. She also shares my eccentricities and love of books and art. Mary's a lovely person whom I respect and wish to imitate in life.

9. Tell us about a toy you remember fondly from childhood.

I liked my first bicycle, an ancient green thing with large wheel and a headlamp that generated from a spinner device on the back tire. I climbed trees mostly, and played tag, rollerskated, and listened to records.

10. If you could meet any President of the United States over lunch for a conversation, which one would you want to meet and why?
I can think of many men of history whom I would like to meet more than a president, Robert Lee, Patrick Henry, or Benjamin Franklin, for instance. Oh, I don't know, maybe John Adams, he seemed to have a very affectionate relationship with his wife, and was on the spot for our revolution, I believe. Thomas Jefferson, perhaps, he was a man of many interests, like da Vinci.

Thanks for such a neat project! I'm looking forward to seeing the other interviews too!

Have a great day,


amber said...

i wanted to let you know that i have been reading your blog for several months now b/c you always have such interesting things to say (and i like to look at your projects as well hoping they will motivate me to get some sewing done myself). the random interview project is absolutely a brilliant idea! you ask very clever questions. i also like the hometown six and always plan on participating but always seem to forget what's on the list. i really should write that down. so just wanted to tell you that your blog is great!

michelle said...

Thanks for all the compliments Amber! :)