Monday, June 26, 2006

The Weekend, and Quote of the Day

I had a whirlwind of a weekend driving about 800km beginning Friday morning at 7:30, saw a little bit of Niagara, sweated it out in bumper-to-bumper Toronto traffic (but I always feel so accomplished when I make it through all those 400s!), visited with many friends, and ate a lot of icecream. Now I'm back to making major life-changing decisions. ;)

"My biggest suggestion would be to do something you love in the context of living an amazing life." - Artnoose

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rebecca said...

so michelle...i hate to be a blog stalker BUT, i'm rachel runnalls' cousin and on an evening of boredom, i was looking at all her friend links. i'm commenting to say that you have a very interesting blog but what has happened to hometown 6? i love the idea and even did the hometown 6 in may myself in abbotsford, bc. i've been faithfully checking here to see what the next 6 are going to be... is it over? should i make up my own? ;) keep up the greatness.