Thursday, June 22, 2006

Flashback Thursday: June 22, 1996

Ah.... high school. What I remember most about graduation was the bickering that went on all year about what to have for decorations (we settled on a big ship and seagulls), what to eat (chicken breast and rice with maranara sauce), assorted details of the after party (I stood my ground and didn't go), etc. etc. etc., and the classmate that said graduation "had to be perfect because it was the biggest day of your life."

Sure the dress was a big deal, after all, what girl doesn't like a fancy dress. And just look at it. Dark green off-the-shoulder velvet with a SLIT OF DOOM.

High school was great, and I am thankful for the wonderful memories and the great friends (most of whom I haven't seen since '98); but I'm also so thankful that grade 12 grad didn't turn out to be the best day of my life.

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