Monday, June 19, 2006

I went to Wonderland on the weekend, rode some rides, saw Kutless, Jeremy Camp, and MercyMe. I am very tired.

But here are some photos for your enjoyment:

[I arrived late for Kutless and missed my favourite song by them ("See of Faces"), and also didn't take any pics.]

Very good concert. I don't own any Jeremy Camp music, but I always think that when someday I actually have some money to spend on CDs, his will be the first that I get. I had read his testimony a few years ago in CCM magazine. The crowd went wild for his band's little dcTalk "Jesus Freak" musical interlude.

I also don't own any of MercyMe's music, but I do enjoy it. The lead singer got everyone to hold up their cellphones, the Bic lighters of the new millenium, which was kind of humourous, and cool to turn around and see all the blue glowing screens. They ended off the night with a great version of "I Can Only Imagine" and "So Long Self."

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