Friday, June 16, 2006

Flashback Friday: August 2001

This photo is from my first summer working at a camp in Ontario, the last week of camp when someone decided we had to have an Oscar Night because we hadn't had one all summer. Of course I was from Alberta and everyone else was from Stouffville, so they all had prom dresses and I didn't. So I wore a dress that Carolyn had from being a bridesmaid. Who has white bridesmaid dresses?

I'm getting kind of low on scanned pictures for this feature... I've gotta remember to bring some in to scan some day sometime soon. Remember life before digital cameras? ;)


Tamara said...

I was reading your "random interview project' stuff - you should do another one. They're fun.
ps. i think you should go to BC at the end of July - then you can hang out with me and Joanne:) eh? I have such great ideas! ;)

Rob Pringle said...

LOL @ Ragamuffin. Such a classy girl.