Wednesday, June 07, 2006

General Assorted Topics Bulleted and Numbered Post

1. This morning I was thinking how glad I am, that in the end, Anne and Gil did get together.

2. Parents should not phone or come in to businesses to inquire about their teenager or college-aged child getting a job, or where their application is in the process, or anything of the sort. Please let your child learn some responsibility. It especially looks bad when you as the parent is on the phone and the kid is feeding you information in the background.

3. What? It's June 7 already?

4. Yesterday on the way home from work I thought "Gee, I really want a toasted tomato sandwich for supper." But I knew I had no tomatoes left, so I decided to drive to the grocery store. But then somewhere between the initial tomato sandwich thought and arriving at the grocery store, I had decided that barbequed steak would be a much better option. And oh it was good.

5. Blogger is being extremely slow these days at uploading photos. I've been trying since Monday off and on to upload photos for a post including photos from this past weekend. I'm still working on it.

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megan said...

Is that a... please tell me that's a ... reference to Anne of Green Gables in the first bulletpoint???