Thursday, May 18, 2006

Hurray for Long Weekends: May's Hometown Six Challenge

So hmm... I had been wondering if maybe anyone noticed there was no May Hometown Six challenge yet. Technically it was my goal to have it up on the sixth of each month. But May 6th was a Saturday, and I do not typically have any internet access on weekends and it was a busy time, and then the next week was pretty busy, and then I just never got around to it.

But this morning I received notice that "inquiring minds wanted to know" what was up :)... so here is this month's challenge!

Hometown Six Challenge: May

It's May! It's springtime! And it's a long weekend! How about a springy-yardy-parky kind of challenge?

For this month's challenge, you are given the following list of items to photograph in your hometown or hometown area:
1. Mailbox
2. Street Sign
3. Flower Box
4. Gazebo
5. Banner or Flag
6. Yard Animal(s)
You may interpret these items however you deem fit, taking a photograph of each, or taking six photographs of one, or a combo, whatever you'd like to do is each.

It's a challenge, so challenge yourself! Take your camera everywhere. And have fun. :)

And, FYI, in case you were wondering, I'm still working on April's challenge. I didn't realize hard it would be to have 6 self portraits I'd be satisfied with.


rebecca said...


I didn't want to be a bug...but we were hoping you'd post the May challenge! You can bet we'll be out with the camera soon!

Michael Morgan said...

kI will work on this one on Saturday. I still want to do March and April's

Char said...

fun! I've already got a couple of pics in mind.