Friday, April 28, 2006

Flashback Friday: 2003 & 2004

This past weekend was graduation at a whole lot of Bible colleges and seminaries and other schools, so I thought I'd celebrate and congratulate (way to go Neely!) by posting these photos from some of mine:

First off, Graduation 2003, with college president, Papa Mags. This was when my friend Joanne and I finally finished our four-year degrees (having started in 1998). I think I had a good excuse, I skipped out on a semester, and in 2002 I had already started my post-graduate studies. They wouldn't let me graduate in 2002 because I had one course left that was only offered as a modular (one-week) class the week after graduation that year!

Maria, Joanne, and I all lived together with a few other people that year. Sometimes I miss the big brown house. The royal blue stoles and tassles denote that we completed 4-year Bachelor of Arts degrees.

Next up, seminary graduation 2004:
My friend Cory's mom took this picture of me walking down the stairs after I got my degree. You will notice everyone on stage is looking to the next graduate off to the left, except for Wes Olmstead in his red garb. I think that he was still feeling bad for me about the time in December 1999 (I was in my second semester of college) I had been taking two of his classes (one a freshman course, one a third year course) and I had to write exams for both of them on the same day.

This is me and my roommate Jodi after the ceremony. You'll note my light blue hood and tassle, they signify a Master of Arts degree. Oh yeah, and that's Jodi's dad Larry Randy to the left. Lookin' good!

This is me with both of my housemates from that year, Rachel and Jodi. At this point I had taken my hood off, it was strangling me.


Neely said...

Thanks for your wishes :)

My hood kept falling off and my cap wasn't cooperating with me either hehe. Did you end up keeping your gown?

Jodi said...

Yay for posts that include pictures of me!!!!

Robert Martinson II said...

yeah for happy graduations. I've been in college (in the EMT Basic, Intermediate, and Paramedic Programs) for three years now and we never get to graduate because they are certificate programs. No diplomas or anything.
Graduation at Briercrest was a good time.