Monday, February 27, 2006

My February Hometown Six

Here is my February Hometown Six submission... I don't know what I was thinking when I came up with this month's challenges, even I didn't get finished! So partial submissions and postings are totally okay! :)

1. Town Hall/Village Office/City Building/etc:
This building is right on Main Street.

2. Main Street:
I took this photo in January, so it was before the Great Deluge of Snow. This is at one of the main intersections, Main Street and Brunel Road, right in the middle of town. I was counting and I think there are only 6 stoplights in town. You can see the Town of Huntsville building up the street there on the left. And Yog's on the right (they make frozen yogurt, it's so tasty), and the Christmas store is right next to it.

3. Local Transit/vehicle mode of choice
The local transit buses are very elusive, I think I've only ever seen them maybe twice in a year and a half of living here. They look like handibuses. And I'd like to point out that I took this photo yesterday (and yes, that is a Christmas wreath, it even lights up at night!).

4. Shopping Complex
This is totally a cheater photo, because a) I took it for January's challenge and didn't end up using it, and b) it doesn't even have the mall in the photo, just the sign. But we have a mall... it has a Zellers (like Target but not cool), an A&P grocery store, a Tim Horton's in the teeny tiny foodcourt, a CD store, Northern Reflections, Ricki's/Bootlegger (clothing), and a few other assorted little stores that change regularly.

5. Cultural Centre/Theatre/Something of that sort:
The Civic Centre is right beside the Town building, it was an addition that was finished last year. There is a big theatre in it and they always have all sorts of plays and musicals and other cultural evens. I went and saw a weird local film there last year and it was the first time they had shown a movie and the DVD player overheated and we didn't get to see the last minute or two. That statue there in the front, that's Tom Thomson. I like it that someone put a scarf on him.

Here's a better photo of the front of the building:

6. Local Police/Police Station/etc:
This was the part that I didn't finish... I'll post a photo later on though when I have the chance to drive by and snap one.

Feel free to post your photos at your leisure, they don't have to be posted in February.


Stay tuned for the March Hometown Six on March 6th, and I'll post a roundup of everyone's February posts by the end of this week.

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