Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Introducing Leonard

Okay, so my friend Susie the Snitch's Mom (her mom is not the snitch, Susie is), gave me a whole bunch of faux fur.

What do you do with faux fur? You make stuffed animals of course. (I couldn't bring myself to make a purse with it... that would be... wrong.)

Anyways, I had never made a stuffed animal in my life. I didn't even really know where to begin. I mean, I could make up a pattern, but that could turn up with an interesting animal.

So, over the weekend I checked out a couple of stuffed animal books out of the library and low and behold (or is it lo and behold?) I found a prairie dog pattern. But I modified and adjusted it a bit because it wasn't quite cool enough.

And, Leonard was the result.

I gave him to Susie. You know, the Snitch.

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