Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Gifty Swap

I saw a post on love, joleen for Gifty 3, which is basically a fun mail exchange... so I signed up.

I had a fun time putting together a package for my Gifty recipient but unfortunately I didn't take a picture of what I sent. It included a lot of beads and a fun pencil case and I forget what else... but it was cool. :)

Anyways, turns out the person who I sent stuff to also had me to send stuff too (I wasn't sure if this would be the case or if we'd have different people to send to and receive from.

My exchanger was Shokufeh, from Hawaii, how fun. I thought it was cool how we are from such different places. And so, the other day I received my lovely package in the mail:

Two kinds of fun fabric, a little card with a dragon fly on it and a note, a small 'made in Hawaii' rubber stamp, small Chinese paper lady, all tied with a shiny ribbon.

Here's a close up of the more Hawaiian-print fabric of the two:

And here is the Japanese crane fabric, which I love:

I don't have any plans for either of the fabrics yet, but I can't wait to use them. Especially the crane fabric! Right now I'm taking a bit of a break on new projects and am trying to finish up a few ones that have been floating around for awhile.

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