Thursday, February 16, 2006


I posted awhile back about how not one, but TWO bead stores had opened up in my town around Christmas time, and now one of them has become one of my regular Saturday morning "errands" stops (the other stops including the Salvation Army thrift store, usually one of the two dollar stores, and sometimes a grocery store and Wal*Mart). I much prefer Sugar Beads to Big BB Beads (neither of which have a website), and find I usually spend around $8 each time I go there and I always come out with quite a few bead options to work with.

The necklace above I made this week with some peacock blue (or is it Tiffany blue?) beads I got at Sugarbeads, 24 beads for 75 cents. I used two and a half strands. The mother of pearl pendant-y thing I got off of a hairtie I bought at Dollarama (I totally just bought it to take apart, I think it had 6 of those on it maybe? It was awhile ago so I've forgotten...). I love that colour of blue, it's one of my new favourites though, I haven't always loved it. Probably stems from this dress.

I know. I totally look like a midget.

There, that's better. :) Wait, I still totally look super short.

I'm not really that short.

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