Monday, January 09, 2006

Glass Ladybug Necklace

Very recently, two bead stores opened in my little town. Not one, but TWO. Nuts I say. But anyways, I happen to think this is ideal/cruddy. Ideal because I love beads. You can make so much cool stuff! Cruddy though because I am sure I will spend way way way too much money there.

Anyways, on Saturday I checked them out for the first time. The first one I was not altogether too impressed with... it had a lot of beads and all, but the set up wasn't very nice and all the beads were individually priced for the most part (rather than sets or bags of beads). I bought one green stone bead there, and when I took it up to the till the guys said "One bead? You're only buying one bead?"

Yeah, totally. I'm poor.

But the second store I liked tons better and had much cooler beads I thought, and plus they were pretty much all sold in sets (i.e. 30 beads for $1.10 on a strand rather than 1 bead for 10 cents... I just like it better in sets, so much easier and seems cheaper). I bought a bunch of beads there and plus it was the grand opening so I got a discount out of the discount draw (15%) plus the lady was super nice.

So anyways, I got these neat ladybug beads and made this necklace. I really like it.

And, you can buy it here. :)

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