Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Shop Update

I haven't had much time (if any!) to work on fun stuff for my shop lately, due to the Christmas rush... but I did manage to photograph and put up a couple of purses this week that I finished a little while ago.

Blue Brown Bird Purse: This is a design I used for another purse (sold) and t-shirt, I love the brown felt bird. I've been thinking up a few other felt designs similar but with different animals. My sister is getting a purse pretty similar to this for Christmas, but for hers I omitted the branch for a bit of a different look.

Blue Pink Elephants Purse: Unfortunately I had a hard time photographing this one, but it's the same colour as the brownbird purse. The ribbon trim is featured not only on the flap, but also all up and down the shoulder strap and on the interior pocket. I found the trim at a neat little cottage town in a weird "Dollar and Up" store.

I have quite a few other trims I haven't had the chance to use yet, as well as a few new neat fabrics I've found at various locations. I'm also hoping to find some of my old fabric stash at my parents' when I'm home for Christmas. I am looking forward to January and having more time to sew.

Thank you to everyone who has bought things from my Etsy shop or through custom orders this past little while, you're helping make it possible for me to go home for Christmas!

Right now I still have a few things to finish for Christmas... next year in October I will not put things off!!! I don't think I'll have even half of what I had originally planned to make for gifts completed. Right now I'm in the middle of making two mitts for my Gramma, and still have a pair of potholders to start and make, as well as make a touque for my Dad. I have the prototype done... but it didn't turn out well enough to be the finished product! I was attempting to make my brother a touque with flames on it... but I'm still learning the whole switching-colours-while-knitting thing and haven't quite yet perfected the technique for such a large-scale item.

Ok, I've gotta get back to the grindstone. :)

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