Friday, December 16, 2005

Blogroll Review

I recently did a review/update of my blogroll, and it's been awhile since I've done a who's who so I thought that someone out there might find this alphabetical introduction useful:

People I know from "real life":

Michael Chowns, one of my favourite honourary Chums, Mike and I worked together at camp for 3 full summers (and a bit last summer as well), and then last August I had the joy of photographing his wedding to the lovely Monica.

Keith Dow I got to know through my friend and copious commentator Jodi, at Briercrest, where we all went to school. Keith ran for mayor with a Gnome campaign back in the day, now he studies philosophy in Canada's capital city of Ottawa.

Melanie Gall keeps a wonderful opera-travel-related blog... we met way back in the day when we were 16 and wanted to change the world as delegates to The Students Commission, running through the halls of Parliament and Rideau Hall. I last saw her waaay back my first year of college, but I'm sure now that we've met up again in cyberspace we'll meet again.

Robert Martinson II and I used to work on the yearbook for endless hours back in the day at Briercrest. Sometimes at 2am I would walk back to my dorm after working on layouts forever, but I was crazy back then. Now RM2 has given up his old shaggin' wagon and drives an ambulance in Nebraska.

Rob Pringle, a.k.a. "Chippy," is one of the best toilet plungers/maintenance men that I know. We worked together at camp for three summers, now he's living up university life.

Rachel Runnalls was one of my many housemates in the big brown house my first year out of dorm at school, and then my last year of school we were housemates once again in a duplex with Jodi. Then she got married, and now she's climbing the Food Services ladder at our alma matter. And she has a cool cat.

Tamara, another one of my brown house housemates from school. Funny how I used to sit in my room back then and blog away, and now everyone's doing it. ;) Tamara went on to a life in photography, and takes some pretty cool pictures. Some day we need to have a brown house reunion.

Sarah Yoshiki, the one and only. Sarah's so fun, and crazy. ;) I think she gets the crazy part from being a Yoshiki, and from being the sister of my crazy third-year dorm roommate Heather.

People I know from the internet:

Carly Bishop, whom I feel like I've know for forever in internet years, I first stumbled upon her blog from comments she left on another we both read voraciously. Originally from Seattle, she now calls Tennessee home and spends her days in university classes and working at Starbucks. She's also highly talented, I love seeing what she's been creating.

Chloe, I can't remember how I first got introduced, but she has fun little adventures and "little thoughts" in California and around the world on her beautiful blog.

funkypancake, the best photoblog I know. Dave looks at the world through interesting and fun eyes, and thankfully shares it with the world. I think it's so neat to see London and other little parts of Europe in such a fun way.

Jake Murdock has been reading my blog for as long as I can remember... and its' been fun to see his blog grow and change. And, we've had a few fun mail exchanges as well, including Swiss Miss. :)

Jason Killingsworth, although not as prolific a blog writer as he used to be, I'm glad he still has one. Jason has a great gift for the written word.

Marco Klaue is someone whose blog I stumbled into somehow this past year... he currently makes his home in Amsterdam and works at a hostel. I love his tales and thought provoking posts, he makes me want to see more of this world.

Lysha is a home-schooled teen somewhere in Ontario, and it's so awesome to read her encouraging posts and see the world through such fresh eyes. Her love of Christ challenges and encourages me to strive after Him more.

Michael Morgan is another person whom I've had on my blogroll for what seems like forever, he has a neat blog, and his thankful attitude encourages me regularly.

Neely, a lovely friend and faithful blogger. It's been so neat to see her grow these last couple of years in her blogging and life and life mission... I can't wait to see where this Journey takes her. It's been fun as well to exchange real mail with Neely, it's so cool to have "real" contact with these people I've never actually had the opportunity to meet in person.

Peter & Rebecca Wood, faithful readers and future parents! :) I can't wait to hear the news of their new little one. Peter and Becky have been reading my blog for a very long time as well, and I always enjoy their great posts and little travel adventures around the Boston area (and world!). Becky sent me some great Corn on the Cob tea towels earlier this year.

Rachel Fisher, a New Zealand blogger whom I've loved having the opportunity to read and comment and exchange Christmas cards and other mail every once in awhile with.

Sarah is someone whose blog I found very early on in my blogging days, through the "Most Recently Updated" link on Blogger. She has a very fun sense of humour, and it's neat to see another's life through humour and joy.

CC, an Australian midwife... so far from where I am and what I do, her blog is a neat peak into another part of the world, and she's linked to me for a very long time.

Sonafid, I can't remember how I first started reading her blog, but again, it's another part of the world (Ohio) and another point of view. Her sense of humour and rats make me chuckle.

Kathleen Reilly, not a regular blogger any more but the first blog I ever stumbled across (whilst looking for Caedmon's Call lyrics) and thus the inspiration for me to start this blog.

Marisa, one with a fun way of looking at the world, Marisa found me awhile ago I think, and has been a reader ever since. She's a great photographer, and I love looking at her work.

Sarah Hedges is one of the first blogs I started reading regularly, and I'd have to admit I've lapsed at reading hers on a regular basis but loved the contact that we had.

Travis Mielonen, one with whom I came in contact through Carly. Travis has had many many adventures, from missions in Poland to his recent engagement! (Hurrah!). Can't wait to see the wedding day pictures!

Ryan Wiedemaier is another friend I came into contact with through Carly. It's been neat to see him learn and grow and change over these past few years, and we used to have many humourous MSN conversations. And it was so great to see Ryan meet and marry his lovely wife Sarah this past year.

The rest of the links on my blogroll are various craft and art blogs I've started reading recently and over the past year. Take a look. :)

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