Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Two Totally Unrelated Blog Clips

"But lead us into a corner where we're forced to choose the life of another person to care for and love forever, we will catch our breath and hold it and hope the whole situation goes away. It's too much to ask, too much to have to deal with. It's too much forgiveness to have to come up with for another person's lifetime of transgressions, it's too much compassion to fumble around in the couch cushions for, it's too much of ourselves to give up if we decide to deal with another person's flaws for as long as we both shall live. It's too much, it's a decision we don't want to make, and we deny having to for as long as possible. The reason for this is simple: We don't want to be wrong."
- Sarah Hatter

"I love scalloped corn. You can’t buy scalloped corn at a restaurant. The only way to get scalloped corn is in a church basement or fellowship hall. There are a few women in every church that still know how to make scalloped corn. They are a dying generation like World War II veterans. When they are gone it will be a day to morn in America. When I’m asked to tell stories in church basements I always go if I can. Without being too noticeable I get down and look for scalloped corn and deviled eggs. I like to consider myself sort of a one-man scalloped corn preservation society. And people wonder why I look so happy all the time. If I could live on scalloped corn, deviled eggs, Jello with carrots and bad coffee, I could make a career of telling stories in country churches."
- Ken Pierpont

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