Thursday, November 03, 2005


I went to see Elizabethtown last night. Seems like everyone else is talking about it too.

I actually went to the movie theatre alone, something I've never done before. It was an interesting experience... if you've never done it before I'd recommend doing it at least once. I tend to like to see movies in any small dinky hometown theatre, and movies like Elizabethtown are ideal for that kind of theatre. I like to chuckle when the only other movie in the building is having it's big loud scene and the sound is coming through the wall, all while the movie I'm watching is having it's quiet serious contemplative moment.

And the bathroom in that theatre is so retro/grungy that it's kind of comical. I really wanted to take my picture in the mirror for my next Self Portrait Tuesday shot, except there was someone else in the bathroom and I didn't want to take it while they were there and I was too impatient to wait for them to leave. So maybe next time.

Anyways, the movie wasn't really what I was expecting the movie to be, but I would watch it again. On DVD. I can't wait to see the deleted scenes actually, because pretty much for the whole movie I kept thinking they have got to have cut out some pretty major stuff because it just didn't seem to flow very well.

The road trip at the end made the whole movie worth it for me. And the characters that Kirsten Dunst plays always make some pretty sweet scrapbooks. And there were some good quotes as well.

"I'm hard to remember, but impossible to forget."
- Kirsten Dunst, as Claire Colburn

"It takes time to extract joy from life."
- Susan Sarandon, as Holly Baylor

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