Tuesday, September 27, 2005


1. I have all these really good blogposts in my head that I never have computer time to write. Some day, some day I will have a computer and internet at my house and not just at work. Won't that be grand? I really can't foresee that happening anytime even remotely soon since sometimes I still wonder how I'll ever afford to go home for Christmas, but I can dream can't I?

2. Squirrel update.

3. I made this cool purse the other day. It was really fun to make. I wish my photos turned out better though.

4. I had to move my office the week before last, and now I've joined the legions around the world who dwell the day away in a cubicle. I have to say I definitely preferred having an office with real walls. And it was nice not having to hear every single conversation that went on all around me all day. And all the rush rush to move seems to have been for nothing because the person moving into my office hasn't yet moved in. Sometimes work is cruddy. (Hope I didn't just pull a dooce). I was told I couldn't have my McDonald's kids toys in the window down here, because people can see them, BUT I'M KEEPING THEM THERE.

5. Yesterday I was at Wal*Mart and I found some really really sweet green varigated yarn. Perfect for mitts, but a little too loud to be a toque or a scarf I think. Sometimes I think I should get a part-time job at Wal*Mart just for the staff discount. I don't love Wal*Mart or anything like that, but they've got a whole lot of stuff that I can be persuaded to buy. And if I'm there already, why not pick up a bag of milk instead of going next door to the grocery store? And just imagine if that milk was 10% off!

6. Usually I just drink water at work, but one of my co-workers gave me a mug of green tea the other day. It tasted like cigarette smoke. And it's wasn't even in my favourite office mug, the Larry mug, because the Larry mug for some reason is in the main kitchen and not in the office. Some day I'm going to steal it back for the office.

7. Sometimes I write stuff I've just completed on my "To Do" list just so I can check it off.

8. Moving my office downstairs to Cubicleville has done nothing to stop the "tornado look" that my desk continually sports.

9. My friend Carolyn came over to visit this weekend and on the official tour she fell down my attic stairs. No one has ever done that before to my knowledge. Then we were walking downtown and she rolled her ankle. It all had nothing to do with me, I promise.

10. I love numbered lists.

11. My Mom's coming to visit next week. Cool schmoole. (I haven't seen her in almost a year and a half.)

12. I should probably post this and do something else now.

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