Friday, September 09, 2005

This Life

It’s autumn again… fall has arrived and the trees are turning from their summer coat of green to an ever changing array of yellows, oranges, reds, and browns.

For most of my life, I would say that fall was my favourite season. It brought with it the return to school (and the new beginnings and possibilities that that brings), and slightly cooler weather that encouraged corduroy pants and wool sweaters and thicker stockings with skirts. I remember once long ago reading a magazine editorial in which the editor talked about how she would always go out and buy a fine new eraser because September was time to start school again and begin anew… ready for new lessons and new mistakes.

Next Tuesday marks one year of working here. Somewhat hard to believe time has passed so fast/so slowly. It’s a good feeling though to have gone through that whole finished school/graduated/first job/first car/first apartment/etc. experience.

Work has been really busy since I got back last Friday. In April I took on a second position that I thought would be starting at the end of September but instead started the next day. I’ve spent all week wishing I never took it on but I don’t think I really had much choice.

The big road trip at the end of August, back to the town I went to college and seminary in, back to the community I called home for five and a half school years, it brought back a lot of memories. It was so good to go back and see a place that is more familiar to me than the back of my hand. So good to see all the old friends. So good to see old friends start a new life together. So good to see all the changes. So good to see that things go on. Driving away from the chapel in a sunset was somewhat melancholic.

It’s been good as well to have seen others in this same stage of life across the blogging world, some I know in real life and some I don’t.

It’s interesting to see us all struggle to find a new place in this world… a place apart from school or home where we once found so much of our identity.

It’s also interesting to think about where we’re going. There is so much potential there. I pray I don’t waste it.

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