Friday, May 27, 2005


Yesterday I went on a "business trip." It was fun, but was also a very long day (we left at 7am and didn't get back until 6:30pm). I think I'll be going on more trips come fall. They're interesting, but most are around Toronto and that's around a 2.5hr drive each way. Could be worse I suppose. :)

I have definitely been a lot busier at work lately as I've taken on a lot more responsibilities. And, being that it is primarily a summer camp, everyone's busy with more summer related things as summer is of course just around the corner.

I downloaded Firefox as I've been having a ton of problems with Internet Explorer. It's not really visually too much different that I've noticed, but definitely works much speedier on my computer, and doesn't shut down and have error reports all the time like I was finding with IE. They even import your bookmarks which is super handy. The only crappy feature I've noticed with Firefox so far is when typing in Blogger and you add a link or use the italicize or bold buttons, etc., it automatically takes you back to the top of your document. Slightly frustrating and time-wasting.

I got some sweet olivey-green fabric yesterday printed with cowboys on buckin' bronchos and cacti and I think maybe spurs or some other sort of cowboy-related thing. Hopefully tomorrow I'll get around to making it in to something. I have big plans for it, I hope I can make it work.

Anyways, I'm going to go home and have some chocolate milk (with Quik mix) and watch tv until I muster up enough energy to cook something. Have a great weekend.

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