Friday, April 08, 2005

Rachel's Questions

These questions are from Rachel of Life Being Beautiful, as part of a blogging meme she is participating in. I agreed to answer whatever questions she came up with.

Question 1 - When you were younger, what did you picture life like now?
I remember when I was quite young, playing with some Strawberry Shortcake dolls in our Strawberry Shortcake Gazebo on our kitchen table, asking my Mom what it was like when she was my age "in the olden days." She said she wasn't quite sure what I meant by that term. I can remember thinking that when I was about the age I am now that I would have kids and they could play Strawberry Shortcakes at our kitchen table as well!

Question 2 - If you could change one thing about your life, What would it be (you have no limits!)?
This one is a selfish answer, but I would change it so I had no student loans. I would feel so much more freedom.

Question 3 - On Anger Management, Jack Nicholson's character calms down Adam Sandler’s character by getting him to sing 'I feel pretty' from West Side Story. If you were being treated by Jack’s character, what song would he sing for you?
Hmm... I have never actually seen this movie. Usually when someone has told me something disturbing I try to think of rainbows and marshmallows and My Little Ponys, because those are happy things. ;) I don't know that I would sing a song, or have anyone sing me a song.

Question 4 - If they were making a movie of your life, Who would play you and why? What would the plot be?
I don't know th at a movie of my life would be interesting to anyone but me. It would be kind of Napoleon Dynamite-ish... with no real plot and a variety of different sub-plots. I would like a currently undiscovered actress to play the part of me, because being me in a movie could quite possibly catapult her into SUPERSTARDOM, because people would think she was as funny as I am. ;)

Question 5 - Assume that the right guy has come along and you’ve decided to settle down and get married. What songs would you chose to walk into the Church with and out with your new husband?
I find the term "settle down" an interesting one. What exactly does it mean? Haven't I settled down already by taking a job and buying a car and getting an apartment and such? Or does "settling down" require marriage, or a significant-other relationship of some sort?

But, that's a tad bit off topic. The songs that I will play at my wedding are something that I have not really given a lot of thought to. I haven't actually been to a lot of weddings, so I don't know what are and aren't acceptable songs to walk in and out to. I wouldn't mind walking in to the traditional Wedding March (it's okay, not bad sounding, very traditional, and I don't really have any other song I'm particularly fond of that I can think of), and I would probably like a friend to play it. I like to make friends with musicians and then later will pull the favour of being a wedding instrumentalist (ha ha). I told my friend Lowana a couple of years ago that I have already reserved her talents to play at my wedding. I have no idea what song we would walk out to. Someone else I once knew said that all Christians should walk out to Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On," but I did not just repeat that. ;)

Part of this meme is agreeing to ask five more people five questions, but I think that somehow the mammoth Random Interview Project I have almost completed (there is still one to be returned yet...) should suffice!!!

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