Thursday, March 17, 2005

The Random Interview Project: Rachel

This interview for The Random Interview Project is from Rachel, of the blog Orange Tree Chronicles.

My first memories of Rachel are from when she was a short-haired transfer student living in the hotel at our Bible college in 2000.

Two years later, somehow we both ended up living in a gigantic house with a conglomeration of 7 other people, and the next year we were housemates once again, but this time in a smaller dwelling with Jodi. She's a big scrapbooker.

Now, Rachel is married, still lives in our Bible college town, works in the cafeteria, and has a blog of her own.

"Here it is! I was looking forward to finishing this survey all day while I washed dishes in the caf."

1. If you could relive one of your high school years, which year would you choose and why?
Preferrably none of them - I wore plain T-shirts and jeans like they were a uniform, had short untrendy hair (as opposed to short, trendy hair) and was, maybe, fat.

2. What has surprised you most about married life?
Ummm ... there's so much you're hoping I won't say here. lol. Let's go with: how easy it is to live with Logan, even though he's a man (and a messy person at that). Sharing each other's lives and space is delightful.

3. What was the hardest thing for you to adjust to in dorm living?
My roommate - she had black spikey hair and listened to wierd techno music. She was always on her computer - into the wee hours of the morning - and it was on even when she was away, making that aggravating fan noise which I hate. She was an only child in her family and I was the only girl in mine (and the oldest also) - so we were not good at all at being considerate of each other. We made peace over scrapbooking years later.

4. What do you miss the most about being a kid?
Hm, nothing. I feel sorry for children - they have no power - no way to control their circumstances. They're totally at the mercy of decisions grownups around them make. (incidently, this is what I fear the most about growing old - people not really listening to me.) Plus, as a child I had no consciousness of how I appeared to others - and no idea of who I was myself. I was bossy and self-centred and - in later grade school years - insecure that no one would like me. I am so happy to be a grown up - to know some of my own flaws, to have relationships in which I am loved, and to be a little more 'polished' in the hands of my Maker.

5. What was one of your favorite things about being single?
My last two years at Briercrest, living with housemates - the half-dozen house (Michelle, Holly, Tamara, Joanne, Maria, and Kelly) and then 117 Cottonwood with Michelle and Jodi, and trailer life with Erin in the intervening summers. (I gave myself a new question because I really don't remember much from the first ten years of my life... that should probably worry me) The key to my happiness was I had my own space, usually my own room - but at any time I could go into the living room or go upstairs and see what everyone else was doing. I loved group scrapbooking parties, and hunting for Michelle's chocolate crackles. I also have very fond memories of sharing a Sims neighborhood with Michelle and Jodi - who's stolen whose spouse now and which character did Michelle drown in the pool last night? Sims just isn't as fun without Natalie and Jarod and Michelle's countless children named after plants. Seriously, those years were a gift from God, and I'm so glad I got to do that before I got married. (I had forgotten that I hid the chocolate crackles!)

6. If you could have Queen Elizabeth over for tea, what would you want to talk about with her, and why?
She's been alive and a world leader for so long - I'd want to hear her stories! I wonder what she thinks about the way the world is going - and I'd want to know what she thinks of her grandsons Will and Harry.

7. Who are three of your heroes, and why?
Jesus Christ my Saviour is a given.
1. My parents. I pray I am half as gracious and wise and loving as they were raising us.
2. Frederich Buechner. Love the way he wrestles with God in his writing, even in his fiction.
3. Ummm - maybe Michelle, for your faithful and consistently interesting blogging. And your crafty skill. (Ha ha ha, very funny)

8. What has been the biggest concept about God for you to grasp and how so?
Still wondering and marvelling about how God could let himself suffer - not just on the cross, but how he lets his heart be open to all the pain in the world and doesn't protect himself from it. I am amazed that his love means he hurts with us.

9. What is one of the funniest things anyone has ever said to you, and who was it?
I have such a bad memory, I'm really not good at this kind of question. Here's one of the funniest things I've come across in a while, from 'A Prayer for Owen Meany' (John Irving)

"The White house, that whole criminal mob, those arrogant goons who see themselves as justified to operate above the law - they disgrace democracy by claiming that what they do they do for democracy! They should be in jail. They should be in Hollywood!" (p.321)

10. Please list the top ten greatest love songs of all time.
'One of the Best ones' - Bruce Cockburn (Nothing but a burning light) Logan walked down the aisle to this song.

'All I want is you' - U2 (Rattle and Hum)

'Brand New Day' - Sting (All This Time)

'Whenever I say your name' - Sting (Sacred Love)

'Miracle Drug' or 'A Man and a Woman'... too soon to tell - U2 (How to dismantle an Atomic bomb)

'Blue Skies' - Eva Cassidy (Live at Blues Alley)

'Bone in my ear' - Bruce Cockburn (Dart to the Heart)

'Come Away with me' - Norah Jones (Come away with me) Love the part about the fields of yellow grass - that's so Caronport.

'Mango' - Bruce Cockburn (Breakfast in New Orleans)

'Let's fall in love' - Diana Krall (Live in Paris)

Bonus Track: 'Brown Eyed Girl' - Van Morrison

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