Monday, March 14, 2005

The Random Interview Project: Mike

This third interview in The Random Interview Project 2nd Round comes from the person I refer to as my friend Mike.

We met back in our humble Bible college days, or maybe we didn't actually meet there, I can't remember... we knew who each other were at least, we had mutual friends. Then somehow in this random universe I ended up working at the camp he worked at in Ontario one summer, and the next two summers after that, and here three years later here he is answering questions on my blog. He's also the head cook in the Briercrest cafeteria. My quote book has a large number of funny things he has said, and some I just remember in my head ("You can't like him, that means you would want to kiss him and that's GROSS!").

And, he's one of the coolest people I know, even though he's not man enough to pick up a turtle.

1. If you could only eat one camp meal for an entire month straight, what meal would you chose and why?
I think that it would be push-pops. Did you know that willow springs is canadas fastest seller of push-pops?

2. What do you like most and least about your current job?
What I like most is the fact that I get to cook, plus I get to eat for like $1 a day. What I like least is my big jerk of a boss. I say jerk but he can be so much more sometimes.

3. What life experience has taught you the most about God's faithfulness?
Just off the top of my head, I think it would be when my house burned down. I felt like God was there and caring for me the whole time. It was swell.

4. What are you looking most forward to about the next 42 months?
I am looking forward to going to California, going to camp, getting married (no we are not engaged yet, but 42 months is a long time), winning the mr. universe pageant, and thats about as far as I've thought ahead.

5. Please share with us three favourite memories from working at camp.
There's lots, but its tough to choose the top three. I had lots of fun dressing up as the creature from "The Village" and scaring the snot out of Cedar. Yelling "PORK CHOP!!" all summer long. Putting caterpillars on Loca.

6. What are some of the perks about having a girlfriend from California?
She's beautiful and kind and loves Jesus and Cali is nice too.

7. What are five of the perks about living in Caronport, Saskatchewan?

8. If you had a dinner party with 5 celebrities, 5 camp people, and 5 Caronport people (from the present or the past), who would you chose to invite and why?
I think I'd pick Reese Roper, Bono, Jesus, Tom Welling, A Giant iPod, Mikao, Hobbes, Hendrix, Bartok, Gordon, Terry Froese, Dustan Hlady, Luke Flaming, Grover Bradford, and Monica Binion (of course!).

9. Please share with us one funny quote.
"I fart, and I'm disgusting?"

10. How did you get sucked into the blogging world?
Well, I cant really remember. I think I wanted to post on someone's myspace profile, so I had to sign up. I had been thinking about it for a long time but never did until recently. Please link me on your blog.

Thank you. Good quiz, did I pass?

Editor's Note: You definitely passed. #5 made me laugh so hard.

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