Monday, February 28, 2005

So That Was February?

It’s already over. But, I guess being a shorter month, the end comes quickly and thank goodness for that. It’s always been an awkward month for me. People always talk about how Januarys and Septembers are the start of new things (new calendar years and new school years here in my corner of the planet for the most part), but Februarys have always been the crappy-leftover-end-of-something-different-depending-on-the-year months for me.

Last year I was in the midst of furious writing trying ever-so-desperately to churn out a large paper that would somehow in the end make some sort of sense. This year I spent the first February without a YQ, after five with it. And I didn’t even miss the millions of retreaters sleeping on my floor. Imagine that.

But, February’s over. Here’s to March, and a fabulous one at that. March brings spring. New life. New explorations. New things. New hope.

Life goes on.

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