Monday, February 21, 2005


Okay, I have a question for all the smart computer people who may happen to read this. I want to scan and save files with a .JPEG extension, however it scans them .jpg instead... and says .JPEG is not recognized.

It used to scan as .JPEG just fine. How do I get it to do this again? When I save as .jpg I can't upload with Hello and I can’t see the files when I look in a Windows Explorer type thing. If I go to send them on MSN Messenger to people, they aren’t there. I can however open them in Microsoft Photo Editor.

I scan using HP Precision Scan 3.1.

How can I get them to scan as .JPEG instead of .jpg? Why won't they show up when I try to send them or upload them with Hello? I used to scan and upload just fine, but I suppose someone could have changed the settings on my computer. How do I change them to do what I want?

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