Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Here (and There)

Sorry for the lack of posting, and even more sorry-ness for the hideousness of the uncompleted colour change that will result with the posting of this entry. I was in the middle of a template re-do last Friday and have not yet been able to complete it. One day though… and hopefully soon, I’ll get it taken care of!

Things have been extremely busy for me at work this past week and a half, hopefully things will calm down later this week or early next. Today I’ve taken a couple of mini-breaks though because I’m starting to wear down and can’t just keep going going going. I was able to get a few emails written, which was a real accomplishment as I haven’t written anything of substance in a few weeks.

Good news, my car, a.k.a. Hot Rod, is doing okay… I had it towed to a transmission specialist from the regular mechanics that it was at over Christmas, and somewhere en-route whatever wasn’t working got joggled into place and it is working again. It’s gone 220km so far since then, so I’m hoping it keeps going for a lot longer. Unfortunately, the transmission mechanic was not able to figure out what was wrong with it either, so nothing has been fixed and whatever joggled back into place could joggle back out of place again. (side note: Apparently “joggle” is a real word. I thought I was inventing it but I wasn’t, however, I did invent a new definition. I think you know what I mean.)

Saturday I took Hot Rod for an oil change, so that was pretty exciting, it was my car’s first since I’ve owned it. I also spent $18 at the dollar store. Who spends $18 at a dollar store?!?!? I got some cool stuff though, it’s amazing what you can find there. But, even more amazing, is the weird stuff that people will buy.

Okay, I’ve gotta run. Have a great day.

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