Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June Soundtrack: Somewhere to Fall From

For the First Time Again, Jason Gray
Lifeline, Mat Kearney
Today Was a Fairytale, Taylor Swift
Straight Away, Mat Kearney
On A Night Like This, Dave Barnes
If It's Love, Train
Gone, Matt Nathanson
Somebody Like You, Keith Urban
Feels Like Home, Chantal Kreviazuk
Until You, Dave Barnes
I Could Get Used to This, Everlife
Lullaby, Dixie Chicks
Everything Falls, Fee
Always Enough, Casting Crowns
I Am, Jill Phillips


Jennie Frances said...

Do you like the Dixie Chicks or just that song?

Michelle said...

I just like a couple of songs... overall I'm not a huge country fan.

Percy2626 said...

Where is the photo? You need to add a bit of information about your "soundtrack" photos.