Friday, April 09, 2010

Little Guys Need to Keep Warm Too

I stumbled upon this pattern on Whipup at the end of February, and knew it would be perfect for my good friend Jodi's expected son, Caleb. Now that he's been born, I can show the finished product! Hopefully he doesn't grow out of it too too quickly.

I used some washable yarns I had on hand... and the pattern used so little yarn that I could have probably made another whole sweater with what I had left. I finished it while I was in Alberta visiting my family a couple of weeks ago. My Mom gave me some buttons out of my Gramma's stash, so this sweater is now festooned with some special old wooden buttons.

The pattern was originally written in Norwegian, and is available free on Pickles. There were a few ups and downs, but thanks to some posted errata and some helpful Ravelers, I think it turned out quite nice. I hope to knit another one or two of these with other yarns.

Check out my Ravelry project page here.


Jennie Frances said...

When was Little Caleb born? Hope he and Mum are doing well. Hope he knows he has some very special buttons :) Hi to both

Jodi said...

He was born April 7! He is absolutely precious and so much fun. I have some pictures of him wearing his sweater. I will e-mail them soon!