Thursday, April 09, 2009

Myrtle Socks

I'm procrastinating from doing things I should be doing (like, oh, you know, lesson planning, working on my resume, applying for jobs, figuring out my taxes, cleaning, going for a walk, etc.), but thought I'd post some pics of my Myrtle Socks.

I bought the yarn at Wal*Mart in Myrtle Beach, it's Bernat Baby Jaquards yarn in the colour "Boo Berries". I'd always wanted to try a self-striping yarn, and this was a real cheapo. I made up the pattern, using size 3 needles. Checking Ravelry there are a few others who've made socks with the same yarn in various colourways. I had thought about making another pair with the yarn I still have left, for a Christmas present, but I think I'll wait a bit as I'm wondering how they'll hold up to regular wear.

And, in case you were wondering, oh yeah, it's totally cool to knit socks while you're on vacation.


Jennie Frances said...

Cool :)
They look pretty nice

Percy2626 said...

Who, other than you, thinks it's totally cool to knit winter socks on vacation at a beach????