Saturday, March 07, 2009


I'm still bogged down in homework and work, but this post has been floating around in my saved drafts for awhile and I thought I should post something, so here this is.

I asked finnyknits to interview me after she posted this post. I should have been wary based on her warning, but I went ahead and said "Interview me! I'm not afraid!"

Except, I'm totally not fearless, and I've edited some of the questions.

What's the stupidest/lamest/worst gift you've ever received?
When I was in my last year of living in dorm in college, I had either a) a horrible horrible parasite, or b) extreme anxiety. I was sick for a month straight and had to give stool samples and other such things to the hospital lab, but even they weren't able to figure out what was up. I was prescribed some jumbo pills that were $3 a pop and they did nothing. And every day I would get up weak/nauseous/barely-able-to-walk and I would trudge on over to the academic building and I would sit in the corner of the auditorium and attempt to make it through class. But I couldn't look up or move my head or make any sudden movements. And I carried a brown paper bag with me "just in case." And most days I didn't feel like I could stomach anything until sometime late after supper, after the cafeteria had closed. Trips into town, into civilization, were rare. But one night during the horrible ordeal, my friend Joanne was going to town. I told her all I wanted were a couple of burgers from McDonald's. So she brought me some back. Only she thought it would be funny to hide the meat. WORST PRANK EVER. Have you ever seen a sicky bite into soggy ketchup and mustard laden empty McDonald's buns. Trust me, it's not something you EVER WANT TO DO.

If you could undo one thing you've done in your life, what would it be?
Wow, that's a toughy. I always felt bad that in 1987 I hit my third cousin with the handlebars of an exercise bike. And summer 2007 I said some things that I'd take back if I could.

If you could be The Best at anything - ANYTHING - what would it be?
Flying. Like without any sort of flying apparatus. Someone told me that being the best at flirting would totally come in handy, but who wouldn't find someone who could fly totally attractive?

Would you rather be hotter or smarter?
I already am smart.

What celebs do you have a crush on?
Totally edited this question. But only Finny and Joanne know what the real question was, if they remember.

1. My first celebrity crush was Joey Lawrence. Not because of his acting, but because he was the best singer ever. Well, maybe in 1993. If you were 15, female, and weren't into grunge. And his cassette tape was the first music you ever bought. I tried to find the song "Read My Eyes" on the net but couldn't, but I do have this gem for you.
2. Someone still owes me a Jeremy Piven locket from Christmas. Joanne, did you go to the post office today? Because it's totally MARCH 7TH.
3. Usually I can't even remember who specific celebrities are. I think generally you fall more for character, so it's the ficticious movie character you like rather than the actual celebrity.


Anonymous said...

i remember the hamberger insident like it was YESTERDAY, and i laughed out loud when i read it there. Joanne truely is a funny lady.

Percy2626 said...

LOL, so I think you totally edited the hotter or smarter wording too.

When I am talking with people about stuff teenagers put on their walls I always tell them about your shrine to Joey Lawrence!!! :D

By the way, here is a link to "Read My Eyes"

I have your old Joey Lawrence tape still! Used to listen to it all the time in college. Can't remember the last time I did though.

Which cousin did you hit with excercise bike handle bars? I don't remember that at all. Was that in Shaunavon or what?