Sunday, March 09, 2008

Where Does the Time go?

Here it is March 9th already. Someone asked me a while ago when I was going to post again on this thing and I said next week, but in reality that next week was already at least a month ago. In all reality I think about posting here all the time... but I can't do it at work and I work eleven hours a day, and when I get home I don't really want to fire up my desktop and spend more time on a computer when I've already sat in front of one for the previous 8 hours straight and usually the three hours before that.

I miss blogging and I miss sewing. And I miss a lot of the other things I used to have time to do.

And I'm very glad I'm not planning to do this forever.


carlybish said...

I can totally relate... *sigh*

Percy2626 said...

I didn't check this thing forever cause nothing was ever new and now you have something! I probably checked the day before you posted this!

You should dedicate an hour or so of the weekends to doing the things you miss.

I started cutting all my quilting material into blocks today. Then I can make a bunch of baby quilts and throw out the scraps. Would you like some acrapbook paper? Next time you come out you can take a look at the scrapbook stuff I no longer want and decide if there is something you'd like. Or maybe I can send you photos of it. Or are you not collecting that kind of stuff at the moment?

Anyways, looking forward to your next posting. ttyl. Pamela