Monday, February 26, 2007

Dear Blogger

Over the four and a half years I've been using Blogger, I've generally been satisfied with their product and services, and upgrades. I was thrilled when they started offering picture posting. And I was glad when they started offering a commenting service. The only thing I still wanted that they didn't provide was categories.

And then, along came the new BloggerBeta. And then along came the new Blogger.

One of the reasons I avoided switching over to the new Blogger was everyone I knew who had done it said DON'T DO IT (it's a pain), and also because I knew that even if Blogger said it was no big deal, it would be a big deal.

So the other day, when Blogger told me I had to switch or else, I really wasn't very impressed. Because I knew something would happen. And it did. Well, actually two major things happened:

a) My old archive templates are gone, so now everything in my archives has the current template. Not only are the hideously ugly templates gone, but also the links to the old comments (back in the day I once used a cople of other comment providers). I liked keeping things as they were the month that I published them. Now it looks like I wrote everything today, except for the date. I think that the template is an important part of the digital image that you present.

b) The comments are no longer working at all. Boo.

I think the only solution to fix the latter issue to to pick a new ugly Blogger template, which I really don't want to do and don't have time at the moment to fiddle with and fix. So for now, things are staying as is. If you'd like to email any comments, you can feel free to do so at dialog at briercrest dot com . (Sorry, it's a pain, I know).

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