Thursday, January 25, 2007

Life and Other Things

Hmm... severe lack of posting here. Due to many factors, including both busy-ness and laziness, and lack of internet time, and general lack of motivation.

So, what's new? I knit my first pair of socks a week or two ago. Suddenly all the lovely warm fall/spring-ish weather disappeared and winter arrived, and now there's all this snow and -15 temperatures, and our office can tend to be a tad cold most days, so socks seemed like a logical thing to make. I had the yarn already (some varigated blue and grey stuff), just had to figure out how to make them. So, I invented a pattern, and it all worked out quite well except if you look at the toes to closely. So now I've started the second pair (varigated green ones) and took a book out of the library to learn how to do a good toe decrease and the Kitchener Stitch, which was a lot trickier to figure out than I thought it should be. I have one of the new ones done so far, and another one just started. If I really work at it I can finish one in an evening and a half, with lots of breaks in between. So, I might perhaps get the other one done this weekend, but I might also do some new sewing projects.

If I get my kitchen table cleaned off. I started sorting some old photos a couple of nights ago but then I got busy doing other things and not being home and they're still all there.

In other news, I've been tutoring two students two times a week for exams, and have been busy looking for another part-time job to fill my time (and pay the bills and all). Looking for work is so exhausting.

That is all for now, I should go.


Jennie Frances said...

Sounds like you have been busy. Clicked on the Kitchener Stitch but dial up is too slow to wait for all that to come up. Glad you got your socks made. How about the kitchen table - did you get it cleaned off??


Pamela said...

Hey there! When you gonna get back to blogging????? There's nothing to read around here anymore!