Saturday, December 09, 2006

Friday Flashback: Lady Speed Stick

This is a day late, but who doesn't love deodorant? This picture was taken my fourth year in dorm outside my shared room, so 2001-2002 sometime. Don't you love the faux-rock wall? Our bedrooms each had three different kinds of walls (white-painted drywall, textured white-painted plaster, and brown faux-wood panelling), and then the hallways were half textured plaster half rock.

I had this habit of never throwing my deodorant sticks out once they were done, and also they always tended to fall off the shelf where I kept them and would break inside (now I think "why didn't I just keep them somewhere else where they wouldn't fall?" but I guess I wasn't smart back then ;) ).

I think the name of the sent was "Romantic Musk" or something-Musk at least. The super tall one was from the US... everything always seems to be super-sized down there.


Holly said...

Honestly? honestly? your admiting to the world that you save your emptly deodorant sticks?

michelle, i love you, but you are so strange...

michelle said...

i don't any more holly... i think i left all that weirdness behind when i left college.