Friday, November 17, 2006

Flashback Friday: Thanksgiving 2002

In honour of American Thanksgiving, here is a Thanksgiving-y walk down memory lane for some of my old housemates... even thought these pictures were all taken the week of Canadian Thanksgiving, in October.

Earlier that week, my Mom had been on her way home from visiting my Gramma in Manitoba, and stopped in for a few days to see me in Saskatchewan. At the last minute, I drove with her to visit my sister and her husband in Taber, Alberta, and I think I just stayed the one night from what I recall. Sunday I took the bus back because my housemates had planned a grand Thanksgiving feast with friends and other assorted people whom to this day I have no idea how they ended up at our supper.

I got there right in the midst of supper being almost ready... and immediately I made gravy, because no one else knew how to (and really in all truth I had just learned how to the night before at my sister's) and you can't have whipped potatoes at Thanksgiving without gravy. It's just not right.

Please excuse my poor scrapbooking style, it was 2002:

See that girl on the left? I have no idea who she is. But I love Joanne's total nervous wave. Like to this day I know exactly how she's feeling ("What were we thinking? Who are these people? I hate parties! Let me out of here!").

And here is Joanne proudly showcasing our leftovers:
You can't read it, but I know one of those Post-It notes on the fridge says "Mr. Brita says 'FILL ME UP.'" And then there are a few other assorted good things up like copious pictures of Papa Mags, our college president.

Monday I think it was Joanne, Holly, and I borrowed Terry Terry's car and drove the three hours to Saskatoon to pick up our housemate Rachel from the bus depot, she had been in Edmonton visiting family. A road trip, and a car to drive, was a very novel idea to us.

Here's Joanne and Holly on the way to get the car. That's our huge brown house in the background that we lived in with Tamara and Kelly and later on Maria and Suzanne and Kaci and am I forgetting anyone?

And here me and Joanne are with the car and our cardboard sign:
From what I recall we didn't know what kind of a car Terry Terry had before we picked it up. It was a boat.

And here is Holly chuckling it up as I pumped gas for the first time:
I still have that jacket, my Mom gave it to me that week, but it was a tad too big so people alwasy asked me if it was my boyfriend's. I haven't worn it in a long time. Oh, and yeah, those are my fake Roots pants... I sewed a Roots label over the Nevada label (a Sears brand, definitely not cool) and Barclee always yelled "Are those your fake Roots pants?" every time I wore them.

Finally... at the bus depot. Rachel found us easy to spot with our handy-dandy sign. I remember her bus being late and being starving but for some reason I didn't have any change. I think we went to Burger King later.

We were cool. You can click on any of the pictures to biggie-size their cool-ness.


Holly said...

who IS that girl on the left in the picture and why did i make dinner for her?

those pictures remind me that i used to be skinny and now i'm not.. very sad...

Joanne's so funny said...

I totally biggie-sized my coolness, and I felt so awesome. Thank you for that suggestion.

Jodi said...

First of all, fake roots pants are not cool either.
And, exactly how many people asked you if that jacket belonged to your boyfriend?
Where was I during all of this madness?

Rachel said...

I think I kept that sign for a while I thought it was so cool. Can i say again how much i don't regret living in a house packed full of girls for eight months. :)