Tuesday, October 17, 2006

So This is Autumn

It's a very wet day out, and just now at 9:30am it's starting to get a little bit light out, it was very dark and dreary when I left my house half an hour ago (mostly because of the dark clouds about).

Autumn here isn't nearly as pretty as it was farther north, but then again the Muskoka area is famous for it's colourful fall leaves. My drives up there (and back again) have been quite pretty when it's been light out. When I got down here at the beginning of the month I was surprised that it was just so much greener, but now most of the leaves are falling or gone already. Last week on Thursday it even snowed a bit (ack!).

When I was younger autumn always was my favourite season... bringing change and back to school, new clothes, time for sweaters and skirts with tights, what could have been better? slowly though I think somehow with my involvement with camps summer superseded the fall as the season I most looked forward to.

I still like fall and the change it brings, except for the ushering towards colder weather. I still like scarves and mittens and peacoats, but not so much having to don them all to scrape off my car every morning. ;)

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