Friday, October 06, 2006

Flashback Friday: 2003

This is a photo my old roommate Jodi took my last year at school (03-04), the year we lived with Rachel in a duplex.

Sometimes I marvel at how we all survived that year, especially since now when I think of it, the room Jodi and I shared was the size of a shoebox. Thus, when I sorted through my CDs on the shelf at the end of my bed, I sat in my laudry basket on the floor. This photo must have been taken on a Saturday, because I was still wearing my pajamas.

Now we're all "grown up" and done school and Rachel's having a baby and Jodi's getting married, and I just got a new job. Some times I wish though that we were still in school, only for a moment though, and mostly because I miss the fact that there was pretty much always someone around to talk to.


Jodi said...

I fondly remember taking this picture actually and I believe it was at night after you had changed out of the pink sweater and into the lovely pjs. Just to clarify for you.
It is crazy isn't it? How much our lives change in 2 years? But no, I wouldn' trade it for the world and I keep up on Rachel's life through her blog and I don't think she wants to go back to living with the two of us either. Haha...

Michele said...

I totally relate to this. My fondest memories of living in residence or living with roomates was that there was always someone to talk to. How impromptu late night conversation would happen and how they were sometimes the best conversations that you've ever had.

The late night cramming sessions for exams would prevent me from going back though lol.

megan said...

Cute pic-- Love the expression! Totally agree with what you and Michele have to say about there always being someone around to talk to. This past weekend, getting back together with college housemates from 20 years ago, it was the same vibe. The same: getting down to the heart of the matter, talking about stuff that's IMPORTANT. Love that.