Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Eager Beaver, Busy Beaver

I do not believe that crop circles are made by aliens. However, I do believe that beavers could perhaps be the culprits, travelling from the creek, up the bank, across the road, through the garden, to the wheat field, then stealing the wheat all the way back to their damns.

I like the little cloud of dust he left motoring back to the creek!


megan said...

Oh, he's a BIG feller! I've had a woodchuck availing himself of the clover in the yard. I tried to snap a picture of him, but he was wise to my camera-wielding ways and ran away.

Joanne said...

Shut up! the beaver is taking wheat to his house! Shut up! That is so cool. Nothing cool like that happens here. except the birds leaving bones on my skylight. but beavers are way cooler.