Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Summer Days

Ah... the weekend is unfortunately over. But I did get quite a bit of sewing done, including this bag. And a few others. I'll add them to the shop when I have time. This one is from a brand new newly-drafted pattern, the inspiration came to me during church Sunday morning and by Sunday evening it was done. It's huge, but good for carting around everything you own.

And, just to remind you, in case you didn't pre-order it and check the mail today only to be disappointed that it didn't arrive, downhere's new CD Wide-Eyed And Mystified released today. Hurrah.

Did I mention that my friend Lisa Boyle gave me Marc Martel's sweaty towel for my birthday?


Marisa said...

Very, very cute. I like the gathered edge in the middle. I'm working on our swap more today, just about done!

Jodi said...

it's cool but it kinda looks like a dress