Wednesday, May 31, 2006

My New Addiction

Top Ten Reasons Why Facebook is Better Than MySpace

10. Easier to find people, even people you knew way back when.
9. More photos.
8. Not just anyone can look at your info, creeps.
7. Real friends, not bands.
6. No annoying cheesy teen layouts.
5. Automatic school networking.
4. Photo labeling and linking.
3. Less emails from freaks wanting to be your bf.
2. Better search capabilities.
1. No porn ads.


Rob Pringle said...

I concur. However, there are many people who don't go to Facebook-recognized schools and thus they are not able to join (like, most of my friends from home...).

Angie said...

Hi, Thanks for visiting & letting me know my links dont work! I ve changed them 3 times, not sure what the problem is??? I'll try to figure it out! Im new at this!Chat soon,

Jake said...

working at a university, I see students on facebook all the time. They are on it more than they watch tv, or read, or go to class. I don't think many of them even know what myspace is.

Crazy stuff for sure.

Ben said...

Facebook wouldn't let me on. So I gave up.
Myspace is better.

michelle said...

Someday Facebook will catch up and quit being stupid about networks not existing. Then it will be tops.