Monday, May 29, 2006

Hazy Summer Days

After a lovely weekend, today it's back to work. Today is a hot, humid day... it's to be 29C. Yikes. That's a bit warmer than normal for this time of year. But the next couple of weeks are to be not that warm and perhaps rainy, so I should force myself to go for a walk after work and enjoy this. Last night I went for a walk and the whole time it looked like it was going to pour, so I took my umbrella with me, but in the end it didn't rain at all!

Today marks the first day of smog advisory this year for Ontario, or at least in Muskoka. It doesn't really look smoggy out, I can't remember if last summer I ever noticed it being smoggy at all.

Today (or maybe yesterday?) marks two years since I (finally) got my driver's license. Now with Ontario's graduated driver licensing, and the two year probationary period, I am now officially eligible to go for my final "G" driver's test.

This is also the week I traditionally started working at Willow Springs for three full summers, and oh I miss it. Last year I was only able to volunteer for a week and a few days here and there rather than three months... but this year I am not going for a week. :(

I was speaking with my friend Joanne yesterday about jobs and employment and such, and working at WSC was a job I really truly loved, there wasn't any point at which I didn't like it. It wasn't quite so much like a job because I never really felt like I was working, which is a truly wonderful place to be.

I think all jobs should be like that.

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