Thursday, April 06, 2006

April Hometown Six

Well, as you know, it's April 6, 2006 today, and that means once again it's time for another installment of the Great 2006 Hometown Six Challenge. This being the fourth month, it's the fourth installment. Hurrah!

To recap, each month on the sixth day, a challenge to take six photographs in your hometown is issued. Each month there is a different theme or list of photos. I'm trying to be creative and do something fun. It's cool to see the way that people interpret each challenge so differently.

This month's challenge is fairly simple: "SELF". Or if you're a couple, you can use the challenge "US". I'm going to leave it up to you how to interpret it... be it you make it self-portraits around town, self-reflections in windows, the six places you frequent most, six places you go in one day... whatever. Have fun.

I look forward to seeing what you all come up with.


Rebecca said...

One day late! :)

Here's our contribution:

rebecca said...

I know it's May 2nd, but here's our April contribution!

(This is my second go at posting...the first comment isn't showing up!)