Friday, March 17, 2006

Flashback Friday: Christmas in October

I'm sure I've posted this photo before somewhere on my blog, but today I wanted to post a funny photo and this is it. October 25, 2003, from the "Christmas in October" that Jodi, Rachel, and I invited some of our friends too. We got all dressed up and went out for supper at the Overseas Restaurant and Christmas shopping in Moose Jaw. I'm not sure exactly whose idea this photo was.

Sometimes I still think how good it would be to go to the Overseas again. I love their buffet. Seriously my favourite buffet ever. Last summer I really really wanted to go there when we were out in Saskatchewan but alas we didn't have the time.

Anyways, back to Christmas in October. It was so much fun. I got "The Brick Game" (a.k.a. fake Tetris) i n the gift exchange we all did that night. I took it home that Christmas and my parents loved it, I couldn't pry it back out of their hands. They still have it.

I think when I was visiting Rachel last August she told me she saw our couch somewhere in town. We had a long piece of wirethat came out of it, and I restructured into a piece of "art" to hang on the wall, we called it "Gift from The Couch." I like how in Caronport furniture goes on and lives forever in the houses and rooms of students all over town.


rachel said...

yes, I am at work checking my blogs.

I'm tired, okay? Nobody should have to work saturday morning. Everyone should just make cereal in their dorm room and stay in their pyjamas until 3pm.

Le tme go on record and say - I'm so glad I lived with you for two years. I know I probably seemed totally wrapped up in Logan, but I am SO GLAD I had such great roommates in that time. I was going through my photo albums - I really need to do a online album of the Briercrest years.

And who is this Graham Jodi mentioned?

Jodi said...

Oh good times...I believe there is another photo that corresponds with this one, I named them each "christmas right-side-up" and "christmas upside-down" accordingly. haha. Yes indeed, those were good times.
I'm glad I lived with you too except for the time you ate out of the garbage can. Hahahaha. You do remember that right?

And Rachel, Graham is my wonderful boyfriend who treats me wonderfully and whom I am so happy with. Thanks for asking. :)

michelle said...

Jodi, I totally have no idea what you are talking about. It sounds like a memory that is probably left best forgotten!