Friday, March 24, 2006

Flashback Friday 1991

This was taken the summer before grade 8, on a family trip to British Columbia, for my Grandpa's 85th birthday. This particular photo, of my older sister and I, was taken at a campground in Washington state. It's the campground my family still talks about every once in awhile, because when we were trying to find a spot to park for the night some woman told us to "Slaw down," which made us all giggle. Crazy Americans and their silly accents. (That last sentence will be great for Google search hits I'm sure!).

What you should probably note is most sweet about this particular photo is:

a) My sister's wave bangs
b) My sister's coordinating pink Northern Reflections Shirt and pink pants
c) The fact that she was 16 at the time and was still wearing pink. Trust me, pink wasn't cool in 1991, in case you've forgotten.
d) My cool jacket.
e) My bangs. Yes, I did need a haircut.
f) Garbage can in background ( great picture composition!)


Melanie said...

I love what you have been sewing lately, it is all so creative and glam!

Now, when I first met you you looked almost exactly like you looked in this pictue.. flashback moment for me too!

Ben said...